How to Create a free website on WordPress.Com


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How to Create a free website on WordPress

Building and launching a website is always a daunting process. WordPress made that very simple. If you find yourself in a struggling position to create a website, we will fix that today. Let’s build your dream project in 7 steps. includes everything you need to start your website today. Features of Free subdomain, Powerful website hosting, Dozens of free themes.
Step 1: Log into the WordPress Account

If you are new to WordPress, create an account. You can also log in using your Gmail or Apple account. After logging onto the account you will see the dashboard.

Step 2: Create the site

Click the MySite button in the upper left corner of the dashboard. It will display a create site button at the bottom of the screen. Click that to start your website.

Type the title of the website in the input field. If you have not decided on the title, feel free to skip this part. You can add or change the title later in the settings section.

 Step 3: Choose a domain name
Choose a domain name from the suggestions given by WordPress. If you already own one, click on the last option to configure your domain name. You can also create a free website but the domain name will have a WordPress name on it. Eg: If you are planning on to buying a domain name check out website, it really gives great deals for the domains.

Step 4: Choose a website theme

Now select a website theme based on your preferences. You can change the theme later on in the theme section. Select the font family and go to the next section by clicking continue. Make sure to select the right theme because the users or customers are going to visit the website more often if the website theme looks elegant and interactive.


Step 5: Selecting the add-on features

You can incorporate the features into your website by checking the feature boxes according to your website requirements. And again you can also skip this part. Most things can be customized in the website settings. Now we are just setting the website for its initial launch so no need to worry if you have selected some other layout in the theme section or added a feature that will not be used.
Step 6: Choosing a plan
We have to select a plan according to our website requirements. I am going with the free plan. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the select button in the free section column.

Step 7: Launch the website

WordPress will open the website in edit mode. Edit the homepage of your website by just clicking and changing the text content. After editing the homepage you can either save this website to a draft or launch it to the internet by clicking the launch button.

WordPress will ask for confirmation about the domain and your plan before deploying the site to the internet. Click the launch button to deploy your website.


That’s it you made your dream project live on the internet. Now you can share the website with your family, friends and business colleagues.

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